Aftercare Programs

There is more to hearing health than hearing aids.

At ASI Beltone, we take your hearing health personally. From the first consultation, through diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care, our providers will guide you through the best hearing solutions for your needs.

Beltone Belcare

No other company provides the same level of hearing health care and or protects your investment in better hearing like Beltone.

Belcare Benefits Include:

  • Annual hearing consultation
  • Belcare lifetime care
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Hearing aid education
  • Better hearing verification
  • Warranty (“lost, stolen, damaged”) coverage
  • Quality control reviews

365 Aftercare Plan

In addition to Beltone’s Belcare program, ASI Beltone offers an extensive 365 Aftercare Plan. Ongoing communication with our patients ensures they get the most out of their new hearing aids. Our providers will discuss and find an appropriate follow-up schedule that best suits your unique needs.

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