Beltone West knows that choosing the right hearing aids can be a comprehensive experience involving in-depth and personalized hearing screenings and free hearing aid demos, as well as recommendations from your hearing professional to help you find your perfect hearing aid. Once you choose the right hearing aid for you, it might be easy to think that’s where your care stops, but as a Beltone West customer, you are eligible for a comprehensive program of continued assistance and care from our dedicated team of clinicians.

BelCare never runs out while you are a Beltone West customer. It protects your hearing health and investment in 13 valuable ways.

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BelCare offers you a lifetime of hearing care with 13 benefits that include:

  • Annual hearing test – when you are covered under the BelCare program, you are eligible for an annual six-step hearing test to prevent further hearing loss
  • BelCare Lifetime Care – BelCare doesn’t just apply to our local office, with 1,500 locations scattered across the United States, you can visit any one of our Beltone hearing centers if necessary
  • 75-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – You can exchange your hearing aid within 75 days hassle-free, if you decide your hearing aid isn’t right for you and would like to try something different
  • AudioCardio Sound Therapy –Included with BelCare is a 1-year subscription to AudioCardio. AudioCardio is a mobile app that generates a personalized sound therapy (inaudible) designed to maintain and strengthen your hearing. It is a once-a-day, one-hour sound therapy that stimulates the cells inside your ear. You can think of it like exercise or physical therapy for your hearing.
  • Patient care phone line – If you have any questions or concerns about your Beltone hearing aid, call 1-800-BELTONE, your Beltone provider is always ready to help
  • Minimum loss required for hearing aids – We assure you that your Beltone provider will only recommend hearing aids if your audiogram indicates a hearing loss that falls within a range treatable by hearing aids
  • Quality control reviews – an audioprosthologist, licensed hearing instrument specialist or audiologist will give quality checks of your hearing aid before you receive it
  • Establishing expectations – A personalized program of counseling and aftercare will be provided to help you smooth the adjustment to wearing hearing aids
  • Adapting to new hearing aids – as well counseling and aftercare, your Beltone provider will offer a follow-up schedule based on your needs to ensure that your hearing aids are optimally adjusted for your hearing loss
  • Better hearing verification – Your Beltone provider will conduct further testing 30 days after you receive your hearing aids to document your hearing improvement and to make adjustments if necessary to ensure that you are enjoying your best hearing possible
  • Warranty and “lost, stolen or damaged” coverage – if your hearing aids are accidentally broken, lost or stolen, the Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty covers a free replacement for your first 1-3 years, depending on the device
  • Two-year protection for change in hearing loss – if your hearing changes within two years of using BelCare and you need new hearing aids, BelCare covers the cost of your new Beltone hearing aids
  • Code of ethics – All of our providers have signed a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct document in which they commit themselves to promoting and preserving the highest standards of ethical, compassionate hearing care

If you would like to find out more about Beltone West’s BelCare 13 Point Service, contact Beltone West to take a free hearing test or schedule an appointment today.