Online Hearing Test

Understanding Your Hearing Health in 5 Minutes

At ASI Beltone, our main priority is your hearing health. That’s why our online hearing test is free, quick and easy. In less than 5 minutes, you will be able to understand your hearing health condition in the comfort of your own home. Once you have taken your free hearing test, ASI Beltone will be able to better assist you with your personalized hearing health assessment.

Test Taking Tips:

  • Take the quiz in a quiet location to be able to focus on the sounds you hear during the test.
  • Wear headphones for the most accurate results of your hearing test.

Looking For a More In-Depth Hearing Analysis?

Schedule An In-Person Hearing Test.

The next step is to schedule your free in-office hearing test at ASI Beltone.

  • During our in-office test, our team can better assist with giving you a personalized hearing health care plan, aiming to give you the care and assistance you need to hear better.
  • Our goal is to restore your quality of life by offering a diverse range of solutions for your individual hearing needs.
  • If hearing aids are right for you, your specialist will be able to help you get the exact hearing aids for your level of hearing loss. They will be able to customize their fit and fine tune their frequencies to your exact individual needs.

Request an In-Person Hearing Test