OTC Hearing Aids

As over the counter (OTC) hearing aids are becoming available, it is our goal as specialists in this field to educate not only the public but also pharmacists on the top questions and guidelines for recommending and using over the counter hearing aids versus prescribed hearing aids from an audiology clinic.

This page will be the host of multiple resources you may find useful in the discovery of OTC vs Prescribed hearing aids.

In summery of our research, OTC are best recommended to patients who have a mild to moderate loss who are looking for a self-fitting style of care. It is important to note, a professional test should be performed prior to choosing a hearing aid, to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions causing the hearing loss.

If you choose to purchase your hearing devices through a professional clinic like ours, you are not only receiving the highest quality equipment, you are receiving highly educated professionals whose job is your hearing! We are your partner in your health journey. We are proud to be here for you every step of the way, from comprehensive testing, to programming the hearing aids custom to your specific hearing all along with follow up care, adjustments as you need them, and yearly testing to ensure you are hearing at your best! “Hear” for you long term!

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